To the boy who has my heart.

To the boy who has my heart. Thank you. You’ve had my heart since I was five and you were six and I had the biggest crush on you. You crushed my heart then when you moved across town, only to be seen during school hours. Thank you. You reminded my heart what it felt like to skip a beat when I was twelve and you were thirteen and all I wanted was to be the one who was in love. You hurt me with feelings for another, more perfect girl. Thank you. You stole every piece of my mind and heart at thirteen when you moved down the street from me. You became my best friend. My go to. The boy I was in love with. You tormented me as you fell in love with another. Thank you. You stole every thought, every heartbeat, every fear, every pain away when I was fifteen and you were almost sixteen. You love my broken, shattered pieces and it amazes me. You love the pieces of me I absolutely hate. You love me when I can’t even look in the god damn mirror. Thank you. Please be careful with me.. I’m fragile, damaged, one wrong move and I may not survive. Be fragile with me for all of the times I can’t be for myself. Thank you.. I love you. I always have and always will.



Strong. Strong. Strong. Strong. Strong. Strong. I hate that word. I hate the way it sounds coming out of people’s mouths when they tell me to be it. I hate the way I spit it out as I’m picking myself off the floor, begging myself to become the definition do the overused word. I hate the way society has twisted the definition. I hate the way that being strong is considered to be pasting a glamorous smile on your face, how it’s thought of as pretending and ignoring your mind as it screams for help. I hate how I know you really are stronger to ask for help, but I’m too terrified to ask. I hate how some people would rather slice their skin or hang themselves than ask and be considered weak. I hate the word strong. I hate it because of what it’s done to the best of us.

Button Poetry


Button Poetry. I highly recommend them. They are easily accessible on tumblr, youtube, or if you just search for them on google. They use strong language and discuss mature topics, but if you ever want to know what cute people to the core, find someone who can describe something that you can almost slightly relate to using beautiful, legato, flows of words then I suggest you look them up.