They don’t tell you..

They never tell you when you’re young, naive and impatient to grow up that it could mean rape, panic attacks, psychologists, heartbreak, and lies.
They don’t tell you as your figure comes in that you get noticed by boys all around and have to learn to watch your back so you don’t become another rape victim, upping the ever climbing statistics.
They don’t mention that you will be stabbed in the back hundreds of times before finally finding someone who will help you watch it instead.
They never tell you that finding, “the one” means enduring heartbreak after heartbreak, shattering your trust in the majority of humans.
They don’t tell little girls that, “becoming a woman” means bleeding through your favorite underwear, never ending cramps, annoying bloatedness, and complicated moodiness.
They forget to mention that driving is fake freedom, given only to a limited few, who are automatically not to be trusted.
They forget to inform you that sometimes coping means slicing, thinking sometimes leads to thoughts of ropes and pills, or that the days never seem to end.
So honey, don’t try to grow up. It’s not what they tell you.


2 thoughts on “They don’t tell you..

  1. Yup! This is a very accurate post, although there is of course good! I think you could really relate to my blog, feel free to give it a skim

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