Anxiety has changed me.
My smile,
My walk,
My thoughts,
My weight,
My body,
I feel too much;
I feel it all to a new extreme.
It drives everyone away.
I worry.
I care.
I lose weight.
I get sicker and sicker..

My mother and I pinpointed when I first began showing signs that I had anxiety. It started when I was three, but became easier to see when I was roughly eight. Anxiety has made it hard for me to breathe, my hands constantly shake, I over think everything humanely possible, and most of all it has made me push people away. I tend to blame my faults on my mental disorders if you hadn’t noticed. Anxiety medication hasn’t helped and I will probably have it until I die. I don’t tend to be one of those people you look at and know there is something wrong with them.. or so I have been told, but the idea of people knowing terrifies me. I have severe anxiety. My anxiety is a constant thing. I have a “rare” kind of anxiety. The last almost year and a half has been one long anxiety attack. I wasn’t blessed with breaks. My anxiety has changed the way I am treated. It has changed the way I think, feel, and act. My anxiety has changed me.


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