Not such a beginning

I suppose if I were a normal person, I would start from the beginning, as most normal people tend to do. Although, as you are soon to gather, I am not a very normal person. I’m not going to start at the beginning. I’m going to start with my dreams. I’m starting with the things that I so badly want to happen. You see, I am a rather big dreamer. I have a dream of traveling the world. Of meeting people, seeing things, and learning things people only dream about. I have a dream of making a difference. Of performing for a living. I want to sing until I am sick of it. I want to be happy. I want a family. I want my life back. You see, these are all dreams because none of them are going to happen, simply because sometimes dreams die and there is nothing that you can do to resuscitate them. These are my dreams and I felt the need to begin with them because they are the beginning and end of me. This is my beginning.


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