There are so many places that I could begin, but before I truly tell my story, I would like to share why I am going to do everything in my ability to remain anonymous. Reason number one: This could completely backfire. Reason number two: I would like to just be as normal as I can possibly be for once. Most importantly, Reason number three: I can count on one hand (not counting doctors of any kind) who know about my “conditions” and I suppose that I would prefer to keep it that way.. at least for a little while longer. So, if on the off-chance someone happens to stumble across my blog and becomes intrigued by it, please, respect my privacy and allow me to remain anonymous. Thank you.


One thought on “anonymity

  1. Nice to meet you Noni (short for Anonymous)…

    Anxiety is not as rare as you think.

    I had severe anxiety attacks after a car accident when I was 17. I almost died in that accident and developed such a bad anxiety disorder that I consistently felt like I was dying and would spend more days in the week than not at the emergency ward.

    I became agoraphobic, had palpitations, couldn’t get out of my bed (because I literally could not move)

    Really hard! With time and CBT things improved and I now have an arsenal of strategies to manage them if they start trying to grip on again.

    Most people in their lives suffer from some form of mental illness and many share their experiences in here – some anonymously and others as who they are. Most make up a wonderful community of people who support and share experiences with each other. This really helps in many ways I think..

    A problem shared is a problem halved and such business….

    I’m Lou 🙂

    Look forward to reading more from you 🙂

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